EXP mode (Brightness Mode) for XY50um

If you found the model built up or swell, here are some tips for enhancement!

*Especially for the solid / base grid / round-shaped objects

First, you may wonder why it happens:

-Exposure time too long or, -Brightness too strong in a short distance(XY50um), resin harden and warps up even before settled.

-Too much resin at the beginning, first few layers become too thick.

Solution: 1. Reduce exposure time 2. Exp mode

And under all situation, make sure resin level is well maintained before print.

What is EXP mode?

In the print settings, you may found this column with default value 100%. This is actually a modifier for brightness reduce.

100% is full brightness, the lower, the dimmer.

But what's the reason for brightness reduction? Aren't it going to increase the printing time?

For XY50 um print size, the preset exposure time is very fast, Sesame takes only around 2s/layer to form. There aren't much you can further reduce. This speed time would lead to model easily swell or piled up at the early stage or on the base grid, if the resin layer on the surface is not thin enough or panel not leveled.

By reducing the brightness, it allows the model to form gradually, a better result can be achieved.

Longer print time will be required. Exposure settings can refer to time for same material used under XY150, then change brightness to 30%.

Exposure Time, for Sesame Resin, XY 50um Z 0.05mm:

For advance users, play around with mixed setting to achieve both the best quality and timing:

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