• Top down + large print  = Lots of reins needed?

Indeed, we have a large resin tank.


It will take around 14L to fill it up.

But we have come up with an economic solution: taking advantages of resin's density, we would use glycerin or saline water to keep the resin float always on top. Using either one of those as a filling, leaving around just 1cm to 2cm height to add in printing resin.  At least 1.5L of resin is recommended.

• Which resin are you using? Can I use my own resin?

We have now 5 resins available in our store .


Milkshake3D is also compatible with other DLP resin. We have build-in presets for our resins while you could try out different settings for your own resin and save it as custom presets. 




• When do Milkshake start delivery?

We will start ship out to all Kickstart's backers from Aug-Oct.

• International shipping and cost?

We ship anywhere on earth. Please contact us to get shipping rate.

• Delivery Time ? 

Estimate delivery time after product launch (Nov) will be around 2 weeks.



• How long is the warranty?

We provide one year hardware warranty(exclude projector's bulb, shipping and tax).

If you find parts defected, please ship back to us in order to replace a new one.

• How do I fix the machine if something goes wrong?

  Any maintenance services?

We have online technical supports, guides and troubleshooting handbooks to help identifying the issue and replace parts.


For local technical support, please contact our distributors.