Batch Print

Same Timing.

With DLP technology, printing time depends on model's height.

The taller the model, the longer time to be done. No matter how many items on panel you are printing, time remains the same.

For tall model, lay flat for fast printing.

20 Groots

100um, Z Thickness 0.05, in 4hrs

Milkshake3D App

Powerful 3D Slicing Operation

Auto-Generate Support 


The Highest Stability

Out of gravity and strong peeling force from bottom up printer, no worry for model falling down or break apart during print. With Milkshake3D top down printing, the build panel always print steadily. 


Have you ever tried...

After complete cleansing of the print, we recommend having the model post-cured under UV light for further solidification and dry out. The model can then be best preserved.


Different from usual lightbox with mirror reflecting system, Milkshake3D UV lightbox is built with dozens of uniform UV spectrum 395 - 405nm LED, ensuring the UV light can reach every corner evenly.


An individual LED stripe is especially designed for large print. Simply attach it to the lightbox and dive into the model, the inner and shady part can be well post cured too.

UV Lightbox

Fine Parts, Great Details

Finest Z Layer Resolution : 0.02 mm

Perfect for Jewellery Casting

On All Size Printing

From Jewel to 11" Figure

One Printer, for All Size.

print up to

288 mm X 162 mm X 160mm

User Friendly Web Control

Anytime, Anywhere on all OS and mobile devices. No installation.

Milkshake3D is more like a printing hub.

Everyone share the same wi-fi can easily upload, control or access printing status.


Support multi-users controlling at the same time.

For every print layer, the wiper system maintain always the smoothest surface  and refill resin for printing area, astonishing result especially for large print surface.

Wiper System